At Inesis, Research and Development is done in close collaboration with our users, that is, with you. 

Indeed, all the Inesis products that we create provide solutions to your remarks and take into consideration advice that you have given us. In this way, your opinions help us to improve our products and provide solutions that meet your specific needs.

We are also fortunate to be close to the golfers themselves with our Inesis Golf Park, made up of a 6-hole golf course, a pro-shop and a restaurant. 

Manufactured and tested by golfers, our Inesis products are the result of constructive discussions between you, our users and us, the brand, with just one objective in mind: the Liberate Your Swing! 

How to Participate in the design and Dialogue with the brand? 

>> Write us reviews on the products 

>> Join the Club Inesis to test our new products.

>> Register via the form on this page !  Become Co-designer by posting your ideas on Open Oxylane: