Kids Golf Putter 500 - 5-7 yrs Right Hander

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Key feature
A real putter designed for the little ones! Suitable to child's build from 5-7 years old measuring from 1.10 m to 1.25 m
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4.5 / 5 2 ratings

Products benefits

A featherweight putter for the little ones


Structure : 100.0% Zinc Alloy Shaft : 100.0% Stainless steel Handle : 100.0% Rubber - Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM)
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Designed to :
make the golf ball roll.
2 years


Care instructions
Always cover your putter head with a cover. In rainy weather conditions, remember to wipe the face of your putter.
Storage Tips
Store your putter in a dry place to prevent it from deteriorating.We recommend you also cover your putter head (its finish) with a putter cover.

Additional information

Inesis design process.
We designed our putter range to meet your playing needs (easy to line up, forgiveness...)INESIS, is a team of golf enthusiasts that thanks to your feedback, further develops each product so that playing golf is always a source of enjoyment.
24" or 61 cm

Users reviews

4.5 / 5 2 ratings
2 users recommended this product
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    03 May 2018
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    Le hizo mucha ilusión

    Bastante negativa. Mucho tiempo esperando a la dependienta de la sección, avisa por otro compañero. Cogemos el palo y las bolas sin saber si son los adecuados. Vamos a dar una vuelta por la tienda. Volvemos y estando sola nos dice que está ocupada. La indico que sólo es consultarla si lo que queremos comprar es lo correcto y nos responde rápidamente:"si, si". Y se va a saludar a unos conocidos "que hacéis por aquí". Me acabo de enterar que es para diestros. Menos mal que acertamos.

  • Man
    40-49 years old
    04 November 2017
    Use since 2 to 8 weeks
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    Mon enfant est ravi

    Club pour enfant, petit, leger, à titre completement amateur pour jouer dans le jardin et sur des parcours mini golf.
    Pour le prix, la qualité, je suis content de cet achat.