Golf tips

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Golf tips
4 exercices pour s'entrainer à plusieurs

Because repetition isn't a pleasant and fun exercise, we suggest you practise all aspects of your game thanks to 4 challenges with other players. Get a hold of your playing partners and head off to the driving range and its surroundings!

Golf tips
10 Points pour comprendre son premier parcours

Have you ever tried to explain the rules of golf to a bemused friend nodding their head without really understanding the meaning behind the bird names you are using? As a New Year's gift, we are going to introduce you to golf course basics in 10 simple and easy to understand rules for all.

Golf tips
Pourquoi le practice est-il le lieu idéal pour découvrir le golf ?

As a seasoned golfer, you want to share your passion for the game with close friends and family. This is a laudable aim but one that is often faced with resistance well known to golfers. So how could you convince your friends and family to hit their first swing by your side?