Pourquoi le practice est-il le lieu idéal pour découvrir le golf ?

Why is the driving range the ideal place to discover golf ?

As a seasoned golfer, you want to share your passion for the game with close friends and family. This is a laudable aim but one that is often faced with resistance well known to golfers. So how could you convince your friends and family to hit their first swing by your side?

The answer is the driving range. Open to all levels of skill and a cheaper option, there is nothing like having a bucket full of balls for familiarising yourself with golf strokes and getting a feel for launching a ball. Inesis has identified 7 reasons that make the driving range the perfect place to give new golfers an introduction to the game!


Before getting to the heart of the matter, new golfers should already be asking themselves a question: what is a driving range?

The driving range is a practice area, more often than not outdoors, which allows players to warm up or improve skill with the club they want. After having taken their place at their bay, players will empty one or several buckets of practice balls by aiming at a variety of targets set up on the fairway range or by attempting to hit the ball as far as possible beyond the distance markers.


1.     A golf place open to everyone

As opposed to other playing formats, the driving range is open to everyone. There's no need here to do a skill tests or be a member to hit balls for the first time or to improve your swing. Whatever your age or level of skill, each player, whether you'd be male or female, is welcome in this playing area.


2.     Get a feel for golf without having to spend a fortune

As opposed to a more expensive golf course, getting access to the driving range will only cost you, in most cases, the price of the balls you hit. Don't worry, here you will not be playing with your golf course balls, but with those supplied by the club. By paying your driving range fee, you can fill up a bucket with thirty or so balls, which is plenty to have fun, set yourself challenges, or practice with a club that you haven't yet mastered.


3.     Get enjoyment in under an hour!

One the main things that puts people off golf is how long a round lasts.The uninitiated and beginners generally don't have the time to spend several hours on a golf course.

There's no longer that excuse with a driving range. You hit the ball as fast as you want to. Those that obsess over placement will be able to perfect their technique for several hours, ball after ball, whilst the quick fire swingers will empty a full bucket in a matter of minutes.


4.     All levels of skill go to the driving range

If beginners don't get much enjoyment out of hitting their first ball at the tee of the golf course's 1st hole, they'll be able to get a better feel for the ball they've launched in a driving range bay.

The driving range allows all golfers, from new golfers to regular enthusiasts, to play side by side. No distinction is made of the skill level here, except maybe for ball trajectories, and the laughs of those who've come along with you!


5.     Come as you are!

Just as you would in a famous fast food restaurant, come to the driving range as you are!  With family, among friends or colleagues, there are generally no restrictions so long as you respect the comfort, concentration and space of other players. Make the most of a driving range's congenial atmosphere to share tips and challenges yourselves!


6.     Learn and improve at your pace!

Whatever your level of skill, there is always something to learn or work on in golf. To perfect your strokes, or simply the swing basics make the most of the driving range to repeatedly hit ball and improve faster.

There is no secret to the fact that golf requires you to play and practice to get full enjoyment out of playing it. Before launching into a golf course, don't hesitate to empty buckets at the range to feel at ease with a club in hand.


7.     Challenge yourself on the driving range!

For all the reasons mentions above, the driving range is the perfect place to get an introduction to golf in a congenial and laid back way. To spice up the experience, why not challenge yourself or family or close friends?

Hit the ball furthest with the same club, aim for targets, generate spin… there's no shortage of ideas!


For all these reasons, it couldn't be easier to convince your family or friends to join you on a trip to the driving range making it easier to discover golf and have fun!