Comment choisir une chaussure de golf ?

How to choose golf shoes ?

An 18 hole course, can see you walk up to 10 km, through high grass, sand, bushes… To feel relaxed to hit swing, and for total enjoyment, you must feel good in your shoes! Comfort, traction, grip, waterproof, it's vital that golf shoes are suitable to your playing conditions so you feel free to play.

There are two main types of golf shoes.

Chaussure Inesis Spikeless


1) Shoes with rubbers nubs, also called spikeless, are versatile for wearing in town and on the golf course. They are recommended for playing on firm ground.






Chaussure à crampons

2) Shoes with spikes are only designed for playing golf on the golf course and driving range. Spikes will give you optimal stability on soft ground, especially in winter.


Golf shoes are guarantee to provide you with maximum grip and comfort throughout your round and according to ground conditions. 

To choose your golf shoes, 3 factors must be taken into account.



Waterproof - Inesis golf shoesWATERPROOFING

Fairways are wet all year round, either due to morning dew or rain.
To keep your feet dry throughout your rounds, select a pair of shoes that are waterproof or that at least repel water. Avoid canvas style shoes, which even though breathable, will hold in store unpleasant surprises at the slightest drop of water.



Confort Inesis golf shoesCOMFORT

This factor may seem obvious, but think back to last pair of shoes you choose because they looked good more than for their comfort. If they do not necessarily hinder you when walking around town, uncomfortable shoes for playing golf may mean you have to abandon your round and hamper your swing, turning a pleasant course into hours of torture for the soles of your feet.


Grip Inesis golf shoes


Stability is essential for effectively hitting your swing with consistency. Shoes with optimum grip will allow you to focus on your swing and feel without being scared of slipping. Please note, optimum grip does not necessarily mean with spikes. On a course with firm ground, shoes with nubs will provide you with stability. 


You've now got all the info you need to choose your golf shoes, so don't hesitate to check out to find our full range

How to choose ?

A pair of golf shoes travels dozens of kilometres on the fairways. Needless to say that it's important not forget to look after them because this can help extend their life!
Gilles Wallaert, Inesis product manager, 1.7 handicap, tells you everything you need to know about golf shoes and gives you his top tips...