Comment bien choisir vos gants de Golf ?


If you've already played golf, it might seem obvious to you how to best choose the right glove, but for beginners, faced with a choice of golf gloves is complicated.

For new golfers, or experienced but curious golfers, here a list of Inesis tips on how to best choose your glove in a few steps.


1. Left or right handed ?

The first step is to first of all determine your dexterity, in other words on what hand you are going to wear a glove.

It's very simple, right handers will choose to wear a glove on their left hand, whilst left handers will wear one on their right hand.

Why not wear gloves on both hands ?

When placing your hands on the club, it is important that the one in contact with the club, in other words the opposite hand (left if you are a right hander, and right if you are left hander) has the most natural feel of the club's grip. This makes it easier to get a handle of the club and grasp stroke play on the course.


2. Finding second skin feel 

Your glove must feel like second skin. The purpose of a golf glove is to give you a natural feel, whilst ensuring good club grip handling. To do so, it is important to choose the closest hand fitting glove that will also provide you with comfortable freedom of movement.

Moreover, leather gloves will slightly loosen after several uses, so don't hesitate to choose a tighter feeling glove.


3. Try your golf gloves before making purchase

Golf gloves are manufactured products. Consequently, it is complicated, even impossible to find the same sizing to the nearest millimetre.

So don't hesitate, once you've found your size to try several models of the same glove.


4. Allow the gloves to breath between strokes

For your comfort and allow the glove's be longer lasting, we recommend you remove it between strokes. As a matter of fact, it is not recommended to wear a glove throughout your round. The contact of the material with your palm leads to sweating. Besides the hindrance of having sweaty palms during your round, sweat can damage a leather glove over time.

So let it breathe!


5. Carefully wash your gloves

Golf gloves are mainly made up of leather and synthetic materials inserts. So you can clean them by carefully following the manufacturer instructions. At Inesis, we recommend you cold wash by hand or machine wash on a delicate cycle.

The drying is the important part. In no way tumble dry, and leave to dry flat at room temperature. This will prevent the material from splitting and getting damage.


Our recommandations for winter

For playing in cold conditions, there are Winter gloves, made for grip handling, lined with fleece material and windproof. As an added extra, these gloves are sold as a pair, so your second hand doesn't freeze on the course!


You now have all the basic tips to best choose your golf gloves.

So if in doubt when faced with gloves in the department, nothing compares to getting advice from an expert sales assistant to leave with the best piece of kit!


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