Correctly positioning your tee and ball is a fine art!

Finding the right tee height, placing your ball, positioning yourself next to it. there are a whole host of parameters that we are going to explain in order to help you tee off successfully.

There can be two problems with a poorly positioned tee:

- If your tee is too low, you risk hitting the top of the ball. This will then give it a very low trajectory (or it may even just roll).

- If your tee is too high, you will risk hitting the very bottom of the ball and sending it way up into the air. It will lose a lot of distance and won't travel exactly where you want.

There are 3 types of tee available:

-  wooden tees

-  plastic step tees

-  the One-Tee and Little One-Tee

1) Wooden tees:

For wood or driver shots:

Whatever club you choose, it's best to use a point of reference on the ball to make your shots consistent.

The ball's equator, that is, its centre, should ideally be level with the top of your club's head:


For iron or hybrid shots:

We recommend pushing in your tee so that it creates a perfect lie for your ball. The ball's lie refers to how the ball is placed on the ground. This will allow you to strike perfectly. 

2) Plastic step tees:

You have the choice between three different sizes of step tee. With these options there will always be an ideal tee size depending on the club you are using for your shot. They also have the advantage of being more durable than wooden tees (and can therefore be reused).

12 mm tees:

Designed for iron and hybrid shots

24 mm tees:

Designed for wood shots

37 mm tees:

Designed for drives

3) The One-Tee and Little One-Tee:

Developed by Inesis in collaboration with user-testers, these plastic tees have the same aim as step tees: making it easier to tee off.

There are two sizes of tee with two graduations depending on your choice of club.

The Little One-Tee:

Designed for iron and hybrid shots


The One-Tee:

Designed for wood shots and drives


Once your ball is correctly positioned on your tee, all you have to do is line yourself up to take your shot.

We recommend adopting a different stance according to what club you choose:

We hope that these tips will means less stress and more enjoyment when you're taking your shot on the teeing ground!

Liberate your swing!